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aluminum Welding aluminum brazing aluminum soldering aluminum repair

Dura Fix Aluminum Welding Aluminum Brazing Aluminum Soldering & Repair Rod is not sold on Ebay US or Amazon
You will see the Durafix name mentioned on several shopping sites.
Don't be fooled by imitators selling an inferior, copycat product.

Genuine Durafix is ONLY available here, The only souce for the USA and Canada.

order durafix to be shipped to the USA Click Here To buy Durafix for shipping to the USA and Canadaorder durafix for shipment to Canada

If you need to order from South America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, South Pacific, African Continent or the Middle east,
Click the flag of the country closest to your country below to order directly from the distributor nearest to you.

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Durafix EasyWeld Norway
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Durafix EasyWeld Norway
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Acquista Durafix Italia
This is where to buy durafix aluminum welding rods.
Here is where to buy durafix aluminum rods.
You can only buy durafix aluminum welding rods here.
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You can order durafix rods here.
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Durafix Where to buy rods.
Where can i buy durafix aluminum welding rods?
This is where to get Durafix rods.