EZ COIL Recoil Spring Winder Tool $49.95 How To Rewind A Recoil Starter Spring

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Have you ever had to rewind the recoil spring on a small, pull start engine?
If so you know how dangerous and difficult it is.
This winding tool does the job easily in 5 minutes or less.

For All Small Engines With Recoil Start

  • Comes with 3 adapters for different size springs.

  • Used by thousands of professional shops.

  • Works with generators.

  • Works with chain saws.

  • Works with weed whackers.

  • Works with lawn mowers.

  • Works with go kart engines.

  • Works with almost any recoil start engine.

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This tool can wind, and install a small engine starter spring within 30 seconds or less. If you do get one you won't be disappointed!!....@MahPopemobile
@carnivore10 This tool is amazing!! It will wind a small engine starter spring in 30 seconds or less.....@carnivore10
Absolutely indispensable .... can remove/clean/replace a recoil spring in about 3 minutes. Warped5
I just tried my new EZ Coil few minutes ago...Works great!! thanks... Junkyard Bear
This tool is worth every penny that I paid for it!! AllSmallEngines
This tool is amazing!! It will wind a small engine starter spring in 30 seconds or less.
I don't like this tool...I LOVE THIS TOOL.....I have to tell ya....i have this tool locked up....so no one walks off with it around here....lol RG
This tool just isn't fair, all small engine wanna-be's needs to be initiated with a greasy spring blowing out and beating you half to death a few times. Have a good one. Geo
A great time saving tool works perfectly. Jack
Hello: I received my EZ-Coil and it worked great (and saved the day in terms of a Weed Eater string trimmer recoil spring that defied any other method I tried to get it compressed). Great tool! Thanks, Don Curley La Sal, Utah
I use the durafix Recoil tool.....i do a fair amount of springs...so this tool was worth every penny to me. The cost was $50 bucks......be careful springs can cut you and jump out of place from winding and possibly poke an eye so be mindful with a spring with tension....cajun h2s
I borrowed one from my friend and it works great and only took 5 seconds. I wish I would have known it existed before I spent hours tying to wind it myself. fastcars 001
This is what we use to refit the spring. It saves a lot of frustration refitting your spring. Bill
I have one and it makes fitting a recoil spring a breze. madmower
Try one of these. they work a treat every time. Billsmowers
I had several Recoil housings in stock that needed some new springs added....as well as some old stock....and some used springs laying on work benches as well.....some of which I was fixing to junk, thinking they wouldn't be able to be used again because some of the old springs had been through the hand held re-wind dance and were bent and pretty rough in shape....but with this tool I was able to put them back into service with some lawn equipment thus saving me some money, by not having to throw old stock away and I was able to do all this old stock in one afternoon. Thanks for selling such a great product...and one that actually works as advertised...Randy Giroir
Randy's small Engine service Southern La.
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